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Asbestos Jointing Sheet Price In Lahore Pakistan

Asbestos jointing sheet comprises of asbestos fiber, Rubber and heat-resisting packing material compressing it to thick paper.These are Used for the equipment in water, Steam etc and used as sealing material in the joints of pipeline. Their most common use is to seal pipes or flanges to prevent the leakage of liquid.Apart from this these are also used in certain other common applications such as anti vibration and mounting. These sheets also find their extensive application in automobile industry where these are used to make gaskets for engines.


Introducing our top-quality Asbestos Jointing Sheets from Alhamd Traders, your trusted source for reliable sealing solutions in Pakistan. These sheets are meticulously crafted using a blend of high-grade asbestos fiber, rubber, and heat-resisting packing material, compressed to create a thick paper-like sheet.

Our Asbestos Jointing Sheets are designed to meet the diverse sealing needs of various equipment in water, steam, and other demanding applications. They serve as an effective sealing material for pipeline joints, ensuring the prevention of liquid leakage and maintaining the integrity of your systems. With their robust construction and reliable performance, our jointing sheets offer long-lasting and efficient sealing solutions.

In addition to their primary sealing applications, these sheets have a wide range of uses across industries. They are commonly employed for anti-vibration and mounting purposes, providing stability and reducing noise in equipment. Furthermore, the automobile industry extensively utilizes our jointing sheets to create gaskets for engines, taking advantage of their excellent sealing properties and heat resistance.

At Alhamd Traders, we prioritize quality and safety. Our Asbestos Jointing Sheets are manufactured in compliance with stringent industry standards, ensuring their durability and effectiveness. We strive to provide our customers with products that meet their specific requirements and deliver optimal performance.

Visit our website to explore our comprehensive range of Asbestos Jointing Sheets or get in touch with our knowledgeable team for personalized assistance. Alhamd Traders is your reliable partner for high-quality sealing solutions that offer efficiency, durability, and peace of mind. Experience the difference today!


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