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Ceramic Fiber Tape Price In Lahore Pakistan

Ceramic Tape is a woven fabric made from high quality ceramic fiber woven yarn.It is featured with heat insulation and high temperature protective materials in all kind of thermal installations and heat-conducting systems widely used in welding,Foundry works,Aluminum and steel mills,Boiler insulation and seal,Shipyards,Refineries,Power plants and chemical plants.It can also withstand temperatures above 1000c.The width available ranges from 25mm to 100mm.

Welcome to Alhamdtraders, your trusted source for high-quality ceramic tape in Pakistan. We specialize in providing woven fabric made from high-quality ceramic fiber woven yarn, offering exceptional heat insulation and high-temperature protection. Our ceramic tape is designed to meet the demanding requirements of thermal installations and heat-conducting systems in various industries.

Ceramic tape serves as a versatile and reliable solution in numerous applications. It finds extensive use in welding operations, providing heat insulation and protection for welders and surrounding equipment. Foundry works benefit from the thermal insulation properties of ceramic tape, ensuring safe and efficient operations in high-temperature environments.

In aluminum and steel mills, ceramic tape is used for insulation and sealing purposes. It helps maintain optimal temperatures and enhances energy efficiency in these industrial settings. Boiler insulation and sealing are also areas where ceramic tape excels, preventing heat loss and ensuring the integrity of the system.

Shipyards, refineries, power plants, and chemical plants rely on ceramic tape for its ability to withstand high temperatures and provide heat insulation in critical areas. It offers protection against thermal damage and improves safety in these demanding environments.

With its exceptional heat resistance, ceramic tape can withstand temperatures above 1000°C, making it suitable for use in extreme heat applications. It provides reliable performance and durability, even in the most challenging conditions.

Our ceramic tape is available in different widths, ranging from 25mm to 100mm, allowing for versatility and customization based on specific project requirements.

At Alhamdtraders, we prioritize the quality and performance of our ceramic tape. Our products meet industry standards and undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure their reliability and durability.

Experience the exceptional heat insulation and high-temperature protection of ceramic tape with Alhamdtraders. Contact us today to explore our range of options and find the perfect solution for your welding, foundry, insulation, or sealing needs in industries such as shipbuilding, refineries, power plants, and chemical plants.


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