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Polyester Wadding Filter Price In Lahore Pakistan

Polyester wadding or batting is a layer of insulation used in quilting between a top layer of the upholstery ticking and a bottom layer of the backing material.It is also used for duvets as it is washable and suitable for people with allergies. Thermobonded polyester wadding has some unique features that include right weight/volume ratio for styling and designing,Exceptional dimension and volume stability and fiber uniformity.Polyester wadding is widely used in power plants for insulation purposes.Due to their superior characteristics of filtration the most common use of polyester wadding can be found in the manufacturing of fuel seperators and air seperators for engines and compressors.


Welcome to Alhamdtraders, your trusted destination for high-quality polyester wadding products in Pakistan. We offer a diverse range of polyester wadding that caters to various industries and applications, providing exceptional insulation and performance.

Polyester wadding, also known as batting, serves as a layer of insulation in quilting projects. It is positioned between the upholstery ticking and backing material, adding warmth and comfort to quilts and other textile creations. Its lightweight and voluminous nature make it ideal for styling and designing purposes.

In addition to its use in quilting, polyester wadding is widely used for duvets. Its washable properties make it a convenient choice for bedding, while its hypoallergenic characteristics make it suitable for individuals with allergies. Experience the ultimate comfort and peace of mind with our polyester wadding duvets.

Furthermore, our thermobonded polyester wadding possesses unique features that set it apart. It offers exceptional dimension and volume stability, ensuring that your quilts and other textile projects maintain their shape and loft over time. The fiber uniformity of our polyester wadding ensures a consistent and smooth appearance, enhancing the overall quality of your creations.

Polyester wadding also finds extensive application in insulation purposes in power plants. Its superior insulating properties make it an ideal choice for maintaining optimal temperatures and energy efficiency in power generation facilities.

Moreover, due to its excellent filtration characteristics, polyester wadding is commonly used in the manufacturing of fuel separators and air separators for engines and compressors. It efficiently filters out impurities and contaminants, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of machinery and equipment.

At Alhamdtraders, we take pride in delivering high-quality polyester wadding products that offer superior insulation, durability, and performance. Our polyester wadding is designed to meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations.

Experience the versatility and reliability of polyester wadding with Alhamdtraders. Contact us today to explore our range of polyester wadding products and discover the perfect solution for your quilting, bedding, or industrial needs.


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