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PTFE Rods Price In Lahore Pakistan

PTFE Rod is available in both virgin grades and recycled(reprocessed) for less demanding applications.Teflon rod in all standard sizes from 1/8 inch diameter upto 8 inches in diameter are available.PTFE Rod has a wide range of practicable temperature from -180C~+260C and a wax-like surface to which anythings hardly sticks.PTFE rods have the lowest cofficient of friction of all known solid materials.It is generally used as machining stock for all kinds of chemicals,Electrical and mechanical components where the outstanding performance characteristics of PTFE are required.


Introducing Alhamd Traders’ PTFE Rod, the ultimate solution for a wide range of industrial applications in Pakistan. Our PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) rod is available in both virgin and recycled grades, catering to different application requirements.

Our PTFE rod comes in various standard sizes, ranging from 1/8 inch diameter up to 8 inches in diameter, ensuring versatility and suitability for different projects. Whether you need smaller diameters for intricate machining or larger sizes for robust applications, we have you covered.

With a wide practicable temperature range of -180°C to +260°C, our PTFE rod can withstand extreme temperature conditions without compromising its structural integrity or performance. It remains stable and reliable even in the harshest environments, making it suitable for a diverse range of industries.

The wax-like surface of our PTFE rod ensures minimal adhesion, making it highly non-stick. Almost nothing adheres to its surface, which simplifies cleaning and maintenance. This feature is particularly beneficial in applications where contamination or buildup needs to be avoided.

One of the standout characteristics of our PTFE rod is its incredibly low coefficient of friction. It has the lowest coefficient of friction among all known solid materials, allowing for smooth movement and reduced wear and tear. This makes it an excellent choice for applications where friction and wear need to be minimized.

Our PTFE rod finds extensive use as machining stock for various applications, including chemical processing, electrical components, and mechanical components. Its outstanding performance characteristics, such as chemical resistance, electrical insulation, and low friction, make it a preferred choice in industries that demand high-performance materials.

Choose Alhamd Traders for top-quality PTFE rod products that deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility. Visit our website today to explore our full range of industrial products or contact our knowledgeable team for personalized assistance. We are committed to providing you with superior products and services to meet all your industrial needs.


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