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Ammonia Packing Price In Lahore Pakistan

Ammonia packing is also known as cotton duck packing.It is a special purpose gland packing which comprises of canvas cloth sandwiched between high temperature rubber strips.This type of gland packing find its application specifically in ice making factories.The sizes avilable in this type of packing are 3mm to 8mm.


Introducing Alhamd Traders’ Ammonia Packing, also known as Cotton Duck Packing, a specialized gland packing designed to meet the unique needs of ice-making factories in Pakistan. Our packing is crafted with precision using a combination of canvas cloth and high-temperature rubber strips, providing exceptional performance and reliability in demanding environments.

The Ammonia Packing is specifically engineered for applications in ice-making factories, where it plays a crucial role in sealing and maintaining the integrity of ammonia systems. The canvas cloth, known for its durability and strength, is sandwiched between high-temperature rubber strips, creating a robust barrier against leaks and ensuring efficient operation.

This specialized gland packing offers excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and harsh chemical environments typically encountered in ice-making factories. It is designed to withstand the demanding conditions associated with ammonia systems, providing reliable sealing and preventing ammonia leaks that could compromise safety and performance.

With sizes ranging from 3mm to 8mm, our Ammonia Packing is available in various dimensions to suit your specific requirements. At Alhamd Traders, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your applications.

Choose Alhamd Traders for your gland packing needs and experience the difference our high-quality Ammonia Packing can make. Visit our website today to explore our range of products or contact our knowledgeable team for personalized assistance. Trust us to deliver top-notch solutions that meet your industrial requirements while ensuring reliability and safety in ice-making factories.



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