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Graphite Packing with Inconel Wire Price In Lahore Pakistan

Graphite packing with inconel wire is a specialized type of gland packing which can withstand high temperatures upto 550c.It is an expanded pure graphite yarn and each yarn is reinforced with Inconel wire.This type of packing finds its extensive application in the environment with continuous elevated temperatures where most of the other gland packings are not efficient enough for these temperatures.It is suitable for all application such as seals hot water,High temperature and pressure steam,Heat transfer fluid,Hydrogen gas,Ammonia,Hydrocarbons and cryogenic liquids etc.The size available in this packing ranges from 3mm square to 25mm square.


Introducing Alhamd Traders’ Graphite Packing with Inconel Wire, a specialized gland packing designed to withstand high temperatures up to 550°C. Our packing is crafted from expanded pure graphite yarn, with each yarn reinforced by Inconel wire, offering exceptional strength and durability.

The Graphite Packing with Inconel Wire is specifically engineered for environments with continuous elevated temperatures, where standard gland packings may not provide sufficient efficiency. It is the ideal choice for applications requiring reliable sealing in high-temperature conditions.

Our packing is suitable for a wide range of applications, including sealing hot water systems, high-temperature and high-pressure steam systems, heat transfer fluid systems, hydrogen gas systems, ammonia systems, hydrocarbon systems, and cryogenic liquid systems. Its versatility and performance make it a go-to solution for various industries in Pakistan.

With sizes ranging from 3mm square to 25mm square, our Graphite Packing with Inconel Wire can be customized to meet your specific requirements. At Alhamd Traders, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your applications.

Choose Alhamd Traders for your gland packing needs and experience the difference our high-quality Graphite Packing with Inconel Wire can make. Visit our website today to explore our range of products or contact our knowledgeable team for personalized assistance. Trust us to deliver top-notch solutions that meet your industrial requirements while ensuring reliability and durability in high-temperature environments.


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