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Carbon Fiber Packing Price In Lahore Pakistan

Carbon packing is made up of pure carbon fibres. Carbonized packing is braided by strong carbon fiber after softening treatment and impregnation with the mixture of fine graphite powder, PTFE dispersion and special lubricant. Being strong, Static and heat-conductive it is widely used with revolving of reciprocating pumps where media of chemical corrosion and grains of particles exist.It can withstand continuous temperatures upto 600 c and the working pressure range is 250bar/3500psi.


Introducing Alhamd Traders’ Carbon Packing, a premium solution crafted to meet the diverse industrial needs in Pakistan. Our packing is made from pure carbon fibers, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. The carbonized packing is braided with specially treated and impregnated carbon fibers, graphite powder, PTFE dispersion, and a special lubricant, offering superior performance in challenging environments.

The Carbon Packing is designed for applications in revolving or reciprocating pumps where chemical corrosion and particle abrasion are common. Its strong and static properties make it an ideal choice for industries dealing with corrosive media and abrasive particles. Whether it’s chemical processing, mining, or industrial manufacturing, our Carbon Packing provides reliable sealing and long-lasting performance.

With a high-temperature resistance of up to 600°C, our packing can withstand extreme heat conditions. It offers excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring efficient heat transfer and preventing overheating in demanding applications.

The Carbon Packing has a working pressure range of 250 bar/3500 psi, making it suitable for high-pressure systems. It provides reliable sealing and prevents leaks, ensuring smooth operation and reducing downtime.

At Alhamd Traders, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a range of sizes to meet your specific requirements. Our Carbon Packing undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest industry standards, delivering reliable performance and longevity.

Choose Alhamd Traders for your packing needs and experience the difference our high-quality Carbon Packing can make. Visit our website today to explore our range of products or contact our knowledgeable team for personalized assistance. Trust us to deliver top-notch solutions that meet your industrial requirements while ensuring reliability and durability.

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